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Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning service in Albuquerque

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Dry Cleaning in Albuquerque

We believe that your wardrobe deserves exceptional care and attention. When you spend good money on custom tailored, high end, couture, and quality brands, you want to ensure these pieces stay clean and maintained for years to come.

Excell cleaners offers the safe and meticulous garment care required by each individual piece that comes through our doors. Every item is carefully inspected, examined and cleaned according to its specific needs to ensure an exceptional outcome. We staff our locations with a team of long-time, highly skilled pros committed to ensuring your clothes are cleaned to the highest standard and returned to you in superior condition.

Full-Service Dry Cleaning and Clothing Care

We offer a spectrum of services to meet your dry cleaning needs and fabric care needs. From expert, professional cleaning, stain removal, and pressing to more specialized services such as tailoring & alterations, wash, dry & fold, wedding gown cleaning, restoration & heir looming, leather cleaning, household & linen cleaning, theatrical costumes and attire, and even stuffed animals! We’re armed with the equipment and expertise to handle any job. Our state-of-the-art facilities and eco-friendly cleaning methods transform even the most beleaguered garments.

Dry Cleaner Plant in Albuquerque‘s
Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery in Albuquerque, NM

Easy Pick-up & Delivery Dry Cleaning — Albuquerque, NM

We understand that your time is valuable. Each Excell cleaners location offers pick-up and delivery your dry cleaning and laundry — right to your home or office. No more rushing across town or worrying that you won’t make it in before we close. Rest assured we will always be available to answer all your questions. From our convenient app or online portal you can manage orders, find coupons, set your preferences. We’re here to make your life easier!

Same Day Dry Cleaning

Sometimes you’re under the wire, and you need to expedite your dry-cleaning services. We’ve set up our operations to give you the option for faster service. Take advantage of our one-day turnaround and receive your items in under 24 hours. You’ll have the cleaned and cared-for clothing you seek at the exact moment you require it. You can even leave us with your clothing on your way to work and then collect it as you head home.

Same Day Dry Cleaning Service

We take care of your clothes like they’re our own

We keep you looking your best by giving your professional clothes and formalwear their best clean ever with exceptional service and convenient options that fit your schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Able To Remove Any Marks Or Stains From A Garment?

At The Excell Cleaners, we use state of the art equipment to clean your clothes with staff that goes above and beyond to achieve the best results. While we cannot guarantee stain or mark removal, we do use the best detergents and solvents to ensure a job well done.

How Long Do Dry Cleaning Usually Take?

The time varies depending on the fabric as well as the level of dirt or stains. Sometimes we often find significant stains that our customers are not aware of therefore we will notify our amazing customers right away and that we will hold the item for an extra day to have those stains removed completely and accordingly. At our locations, Excell Cleaners offer 24 hour turnaround time to ensure that we deliver spotless clothes to you while minimizing the wait. If you sign up for VIP Program, we can offer Same Day service at no extra cost – In by 9AM and Out by 4 to 4:30PM.

How Is Dry Cleaning Superior To Normal Laundering At Home?

Dry Cleaning is a softer and non abrasive process compared to machine washing or laundering. At Excell Cleaners use solvents that are gentle on the clothes and non toxic towards the environment. Dry Cleaning also helps maintain the new appearance of clothes, thereby extending their life. It is highly recommended for certain fabrics like wool and silk which have the potential to shrink or lose color if washed in water.

What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a way to clean clothes without the typical usage of water. We use non-aqueous solvents to clean dirt, stains, and odors out of clothes without risking any water damage to your garments. 

Dry Cleaner Plant

The Excell Cleaners Experience

  • Detailed Inspection
  • Superior Customer Care
  • All Cleaning is In-House
  • Pickup & Delivery Service

Hear From Our Customers

5-Star Rating

“Excell Cleaners is literally the best. I injured myself a couple of weeks ago and been having a hard time trying to bring my clothes to the cleaners. Mr Jensen the owner offered to pick up and delivery from my house all the way in rio grande with no charge, and had 12 of my suits cleaned even though I don’t even think they have pickup/delivery option all these years. Lints were removed no questions asked. Shoulder guards on every single jacket and perfectly bagged. His customer service was top notch. He made my day. They will have my business for a very long time. just amazing!”

Jerry Hudson
5-Star Rating

“They’re Passionate about impossible stains! I came to them with a huge pile of trouble, a thick goose down comforter that my criminal cat, Humo had decided to decorate with a huge urine puddle. They were relentless though, and would not give up cleaning it until it was pristine, but also safe of harmful chemicals. I’m so grateful for their their friendly and warm customer service. And their integrity, any other place would have charged me an arm and leg. I will return again, hopefully not with the same troubles. Thank you!”

Jessie Sandoval
5-Star Rating

Been here, done that! Best cleaners in town, no doubt. They are warm, cozy, offering the best service that I could ask for. Clothes were on point. I believe Excell Cleaners is gonna be my go-to place for a long long time. I trust their quality of work and they just simply take care of you no matter what. Delivery and pick up were completely taken care of at no charge for me too – geez, what a service. I feel like they deserve to be the best cleaners in the city of ABQ


About Our Dry Cleaner’s

  • Excell Cleaner is locally owned and operated and made up of a team of cleaning experts in garment care.
  • Payments accepted: American Express, Cash, Check, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.
  • We serve customers from the following counties: Albuquerque
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