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Household items cleaning

Household Item cleaning

Professional, clean, affordable

Keep Your Household Items Clean

Just washing your clothes is not enough to feel clean and simply cleaning floors and countertops is not enough to have a clean home. It is very important that soft materials are being cleaned just as much as everything else because these types can carry dirt better than any other surface inside your house.

Freshen Up Your Bedding

Your bed is more than just a place to sleep. Sometimes your bed is a stay-at-home office, a movie theater, or even a kitchen table. Your bed should always be clean and fresh to keep you healthy. Bring in your comforter, duvet, sheets, pillows, mattress covers, and blankets for a professional cleaning service.

Bedding Cleaning
Curtains and Drapery cleaning

Cleaning Your Curtains and Drapery’s Made Easy

Trying to figure out how to clean curtains, decorative pillows, and rugs can be difficult. But don’t worry, send them over to us, and we’ll take care of the cleaning for you. Our professional equipment can easily handle any stain or fabric type!

Leave cleaning your tablecloths and cloth napkins to us

After a birthday celebration, Christmas dinner, or barbecue, leave the cleanup to us. We will treat your table linens and napkins with care and make sure any red wine stains on your white tablecloth are completely gone!

Living room fabric cleaning
Towel Cleaning

Keep Your Towels & Washcloths Clean, fresh, and soft

Fresh, soft, clean towels are necessary for feeling clean and comfortable. Washing your towels all the time can be a lot of work. Let us take care of cleaning your towels so you have more time to focus on the things that are important to you.

Rug Cleaning Services

The only way to preserve the aesthetics and the integrity of your rugs is to clean them regularly. However, this can be a tiring and time-consuming task if you have to do it alone, especially if you are pressed for time. But with our rug cleaning services in Albuquerque, you no longer have to worry about the hassles that come with keeping and maintaining your rugs clean. We have the skills and the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that your rugs look great at all times.

Rug Cleaning

Remove visible and invisible dirt for a healthier home

We’re all spending a little more time inside these days, and household items like pillows, blankets, rugs, and more are all getting a lot more use. At Excell cleaners we remove visible and invisible dirt, giving your items a professional, deep hygienic clean.

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Living room fabric cleaning

The Excell Cleaners Experience

  • Detailed Inspection
  • Superior Customer Care
  • All Cleaning is In-House
  • Pickup & Delivery Service

Hear From Our Customers

5-Star Rating

“Excell Cleaners is literally the best. I injured myself a couple of weeks ago and been having a hard time trying to bring my clothes to the cleaners. Mr Jensen the owner offered to pick up and delivery from my house all the way in rio grande with no charge, and had 12 of my suits cleaned even though I don’t even think they have pickup/delivery option all these years. Lints were removed no questions asked. Shoulder guards on every single jacket and perfectly bagged. His customer service was top notch. He made my day. They will have my business for a very long time. just amazing!”

Jerry Hudson
5-Star Rating

“They’re Passionate about impossible stains! I came to them with a huge pile of trouble, a thick goose down comforter that my criminal cat, Humo had decided to decorate with a huge urine puddle. They were relentless though, and would not give up cleaning it until it was pristine, but also safe of harmful chemicals. I’m so grateful for their their friendly and warm customer service. And their integrity, any other place would have charged me an arm and leg. I will return again, hopefully not with the same troubles. Thank you!”

Jessie Sandoval
5-Star Rating

Been here, done that! Best cleaners in town, no doubt. They are warm, cozy, offering the best service that I could ask for. Clothes were on point. I believe Excell Cleaners is gonna be my go-to place for a long long time. I trust their quality of work and they just simply take care of you no matter what. Delivery and pick up were completely taken care of at no charge for me too – geez, what a service. I feel like they deserve to be the best cleaners in the city of ABQ


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